For beginners in dietetics-nutritiology

Dietitian - nutritionist 1.0

If you are developing in the field of proper nutrition and want to start making money from your first clients, this course will help you improve your knowledge, prepare meals for any client's parameters and individual characteristics.

In the process of training, you will receive:
● Theoretical skills;
● Practical tools;
● Step-by-step algorithms for working with clients;
● 24/7 online support;
● Certificate of international standard;

Course program:

1. Dietetics and nutrition. The role of healthy nutrition in human life;
2. Deontology - professional ethics and a safe approach in the work of a nutrition consultant;
3. Psychology and dietetics. Basic psychology in working with clients;
4. Questionnaire of the client, setting goals and objectives (creating one's own nutrition consultant questionnaire);
5. Deciphering the survey data. Work with wellness scales;
6. Circadian rhythms and dietetics. Hormones, sleep and mode;
7. Water is the basis of metabolic processes;
8. Plastic and energetic role of nutrients;
9. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Their functions and norms;
10. Meaning and functions of vitamins and minerals;
11. Algorithm of working with the client. Analysis of the diet, calculations and needs of the body. Energy balance, deficit and surplus;
12. A healthy diet versus fad diets. TOP schemes for building a balanced diet;
13. The main mistakes of the client and the novice nutritionist in joint work;
14. Drawing up a diet according to the specific needs of the client;
15. Work with your real clients (online classes with a methodologist or independent work with verification);
16. Exam: theoretical questions + nutrition program according to the client's parameters;
17. Methodical materials, useful links and tasks for independent implementation;


A list of our study plans

Live learning in a group

5000 UAH

Personal course

8000 UAH



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