For professionals who want
improve qualifications

Dietitian - nutritionist 2.0

Whether you are a practicing specialist, a doctor, a trainer, you know the basics of proper nutrition and want to improve your qualifications, or you work in the beauty industry, this course is just for you!

In the process of training, you will receive:
● Theoretical skills;
● Practical tools;
● Step-by-step algorithms for working with clients;
● 24/7 online support;
● Certificate of international standard;

Course program:

1. Repetition of basic knowledge and theory of KBZHU;
2. A step-by-step algorithm for working with the client;
3. Biochemistry of metabolic processes and metabolic rate
ATP: role, meaning and functions;
4. Mechanisms of fat burning and accumulation of fat deposits;
5. Insulin. Everything you need to know about the most studied hormone
6. Hormonal balance;
7. Cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, insulin;
8. The influence of nutrition on hormones, and hormones on the state of the body: weight, work of organs and systems, immunity, conditions of skin, hair and nails;
9. Variety of diets and the possibility of their use;
10. Complex ration schemes: carbohydrate alternation, interval feeding;
11. Glycemic and insulin index;
12. Alkaline balance of the body and food acidity;
13. The role of vitamins and supplements in a balanced diet;
14. Psychology of overweight;
15. Analysis and adjustment of the client's diet based on specific examples;
16. Compilation of the client's diet using all acquired knowledge.


A list of our study plans

Live learning in a group

5000 UAH

Personal course

8000 UAH



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