Swimming pool in Kharkiv
In the very center of our beloved city of Kharkiv,
the fitness club "Malibu" is equipped with a new
modern indoor pool.

Advantages of our pool


⁃ Unique water purification and filtration system
⁃ The water temperature is constantly +27C
⁃ Air temperature +29C
⁃ The length of the pool is 20 meters
⁃ 3 swimming lanes
⁃ The depth of the pool is 2 meters
⁃ Open to visitors all year round
⁃ The pool is open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m
⁃ Classes for adults and children, the possibility to combine classes in the gym/fitness with swimming in the pool
⁃ Equipped with aquatic equipment
⁃ Qualified coaching staff.

Let's teach everyone to swim!
Those who can't, and those who know how to stay afloat will be taught to swim correctly

This is a healthy lifestyle, work on your body, a good mood and, of course, the MAXIMUM set of sports services! We change people's lives for the better by making sports accessible to everyone.
Regular training creates a habit that will stay with you!

The gym is open:
Mon - Fri: 07:00 - 22:00
Sat: 07:00 - 20:00
Sun: 09:00 - 20:00

A wide range of services

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We can teach you:

⁃ Personal classes for children from 2 years old
⁃ Personal lessons for adults
⁃ Swimming groups for adults
⁃ Swimming groups for children
⁃ Aqua aerobics
⁃ Classes for expectant mothers
⁃ Synchronized swimming groups for children
⁃ Independent swimming
⁃ Preparation for swimming

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Benefits of swimming in the pool:

⁃ Practically has no medical contraindications
⁃ Has no age limit
⁃ Activities in the water relieve stress
⁃ Improves blood supply
⁃ Contributes to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system
⁃ Training in water reduces pressure on the joints and spine
⁃ Contributes to weight loss
⁃ Swimming develops the lungs and improves the work of the respiratory system.

Our trainers

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Linda Lamina

Master of Sports of Ukraine in swimming. Member of the Ukrainian national swimming team. Champion and multiple prize-winner of the Championships and Cups of Ukraine in swimming. Prize winner of international competitions: "First Black Sea Olympic Games" Turkey, Trabzon, "Europe Without Borders" Poland, POZNAN

16 years of sports experience
6 years of coaching experience
Certified trainer in swimming and physical education

Certified aqua fitness trainer
Certified Pilates trainer
Conducts personal training for children from 2 years old.
Also personal training for adults
Training for people during rehabilitation, after injuries, for people with back problems
Training for weight loss in water
Preparation for competitions, technique correction

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Lyodova Tatyana 

Master of Sports of Ukraine in swimming
Master of sports in water polo
Member of the Ukrainian water polo and swimming team.
Champion and prize-winner of the All-Ukrainian Universiades and games in swimming and water polo, multiple prize-winner of championships and Cups of Ukraine
Participant and prize-winner of international water polo competitions.
15 years of sports experience
Certified trainer in physical education and swimming (KHDAFK)
10 years of coaching experience
Certified aquafitness trainer level 1-3, preparation for competitions and technique correction
Personal trainer for pregnant women, adults (any age)
Aquafitness presenter, Kharkiv

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Ksenia Dunyak

Master of Sports of Ukraine in synchronized swimming, multiple prize-winner and winner of championships of Ukraine, multiple prize-winner of championships and Cups of Ukraine.

International level coach - coached such teams as:
National team of Indonesia;
Latvian national team;
Regional team of Sicily, Italy;
children's team of the Kharkiv region