For everyone who wants to learn group fitness

Instructor of group programs: Fitness

Have you wanted to learn a new direction of group fitness for a long time? Then you won't go wrong by choosing this course, because theory and practice, the best methodical teachers, trainers and a unique training program are waiting for you - simple, accessible and understandable, after which you can start working as a trainer in this direction!

● Introduction
● Heart rate and assessment of the client's condition;
● Objective training evaluation parameters;
● Training structure and group work algorithm;
● Coach's job instructions and ethics;
● Timing and working with music;
● Basic aerobics;
● Basic steps;
● Structure of the lesson;
● Verbal and non-verbal commands (group management methods);
● Aerobic steps as part of the warm-up;
● Step aerobics;
● Basic steps of step aerobics;
● Basic methods of aging step ligaments;
● Bai-bo;
● Class structure;
● Basic equipment;

● Class construction and load level;
● Strength training;
● Biomechanics of movement;
● Anatomy and physiology;
● Peculiarities of strength training as part of group programs;
● Basic strength exercises as part of group programs;
● Fit ball;
● Variability of basic exercises;
● Integration of football into various types of training;
● Group and personal format of working with equipment;
● Stretching;
● A set of basic exercises;
● Anatomy and physiology of stretching;
● Stretching as an independent training, delay and preparatory part of training;
● Dietetics in fitness;
● Fundamentals of dietetics;


A list of our study plans

Live learning in a group

6000 UAH

Personal course

10000 UAH



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