For everyone who wantsto master stretching

Stretching instructor

If you want to start training in this direction, dream of sitting on the splits or just starting your coaching career, we will help you. If you are a strength training coach and want to improve your qualifications, this course will definitely suit you!

Course program:

1. Basic principles and physiological foundations of stretching;
2. Anatomy of muscles and joints, types of joints;
3. Physiological and biomechanical effect;
4. Analysis of basic exercises;
5. Prohibited positions and exercises;
6. Modification of exercises depending on the level of preparedness;
7. Personal and group training format;
8. Teaching methods;
9. Stretching as part of other group trainings;
10. The role of stretching in effective personal training;
11. Structural review and training plan;
12. Master class;
13. Practical analysis of individual exercises and their biomechanics;


A list of our study plans

Live learning in a group

5000 UAH

Personal course

7000 UAH



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