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PERSONAL trainer in the gym

Are you a gym instructor and want to level up? Do you want customers to say "I WANT" instead of the traditional "I'll think"?
Sign up for a special course: "Pro Gym Master Trainer"
In the process of training, topics of work with "special clients" (female audience, teenagers, clients after rehabilitation) will be revealed.The goal of training is to dramatically increase the number of personal training sessions in the gym. More "personnel" - more money! All you will need is to simply use the tools that we will give you.

Block 11. How to become an effective personal trainer? How to differentiate yourself from gym instructors? (webinar video lecture + theory).2. Stages of personal work with the client from the greeting to the result.3. Drawing up a training program, the difference between typical programs and programs for personal clients. Examples of programs.4. Drawing up training programs for special groups (theory + practice);4.1. People with diseases of the musculoskeletal system;4.2. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system;4.3. People with diseases of the respiratory system;4.4. Programs for teenagers;4.5. Programs for the elderly;4.6. Postpartum recovery programs;4.7. Compilation of programs for gaining muscle mass;4.8. Compilation of weight loss programs;4.9. Varicose veins;5. 1. Anatomy. Doctrine of bones and compounds;5.2. Anatomy. Body skeleton;5.3. Anatomy. Skeleton of upper and lower limbs;5.4. Anatomy. Myology. Human muscles;5.5. Physiology. Physiology of the motor apparatus. Energy supply;5.6. Physiology. Physiology of digestion;5.7. Physiology. Physiology of blood circulation;5.8. Basics of biomechanics;6. Energy supply of muscle activity.7. Functional training as part of the work of a personal trainer.8. Functional testing in the trainer's work.9. Basics of sports medicine.10. Diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.11. Control of the client's health.12. Typology of clients.13. Maintaining and motivating personal clients.
Block 2Nutritionist trainer. Nutrition in personal training:14. General characteristics of the chemical composition of the body.15. Biological role and structure of proteins.16. Biological role and structure of nucleic acids17. Biological role and structure of carbohydrates18. Biological role and structure of lipids.19. Exchange of proteins.20. Proteins and protein products.21. Fats and sources of fats.22. Carbohydrates and glycemic index.23. Vitamins and minerals.24. Fat burning and mass gain myths and reality in the work of a trainer.
Upon completion, everyone is issued international certificates of completion of the European-style course (Ukrainian + English + plastic certificate). On the condition of passing the professional exam with excellence - issuance of a coaching certificate with the category "Master Trainer".


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