Book "Admin"

Dear friends, this is my 7th book. Suddenly, I decided to write a book for administrators of beauty salons. The reason is quite simple. Some administrators cannot and do not want to attend courses.

Plus, directors of beauty salons do not always work competently and effectively with you. So I decided to write an exercise book. A book that would become for you a desktop guide for the work of a beauty salon administrator. I hope you interpreted the idea of the cover correctly.

I wish you to be better than the daughter of my mother's friend. And get only pleasure from work.

Who is this book for?

The book "Admin" is written for beginners and current administrators of beauty salons. Also, this book will be useful for directors and owners of beauty salons, SPA and Wellness centers. This is a practical guide that will help improve the work of admins and increase the number of satisfied customers in your beauty salon.

Quotes from the book

I know that you have many questions that sometimes have no one to answer.
Having analyzed my 10-year experience in teaching and managing administrators, I decided to present it on the pages of the book.

Admin is simply the center of the universe.
True, as soon as it comes to the payment of labor, the fun begins: the rate plus a percentage of the revenue for a day, week or month, and bonuses.

The administrator is the link between the client and the master, as well as between the employees and the owner.
Sometimes he plays the role of a good family psychologist who will listen and help.

I would divide the responsibilities into three key groups:
Calls, customer service, maintenance of salon activities.


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Electronic version


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