The book "Fitness Management"

The fitness industry is an interesting and specific area of ​​business. Since the beginning of the 90s, fitness has entered the life of an ordinary person, smoothly moving from basements to prestigious halls.

Every year, the number of fitness clubs, as well as beauty salons, grows, and the key question of the fitness business arises: how to properly manage a fitness club so that it brings profit?

The practical book "Fitness management" is a guide full of advice and recommendations from the practice of the fitness business. This book will help you save 3-5 years of your life and complement your work and knowledge with a full range of features of running a fitness business.

"Fitness management" will allow a fitness trainer to become a competent and effective manager.

The book is intended for owners and managers of fitness clubs.

It will be relevant for the managers of gymnasium, group programs, squash, water sports departments. Also, management rules will be relevant for employees who have never managed a fitness club, but they got such an unexpected opportunity to realize their potential.

If you want to move from the status of a fitness trainer to the status of a fitness manager, this book will help you take this important step.

In this book you will find answers to all questions about the fitness business. Get recommendations on how to competently work with staff, select and motivate your team, pay for personal training, and conduct meetings competently.

How to build a team in your fitness department, how to motivate subordinates, how to increase sales revenue.

Tips on how to become a successful fitness manager. All advice is practical and applicable in fitness clubs in the CIS.

This is the first book on fitness management - an important tool for a competent manager of a fitness club.

Quotes from the book

Fitness manager
Fitness management is the management of a fitness club, a specific business that seems too easy and it's wrong.

A manager of a fitness club is a specialist who is responsible for his own activities and the activities of his subordinates.

Personnel motivation
Learn to motivate your staff and you will be able to do whatever you want with them.

It is necessary to be an example
Conduct internal seminars and training — this motivates staff. Remember, you are an example for your subordinates.


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