The book "How to sell 200 personal training sessions?"

"How to sell 200 personal training sessions" is a new book by Vladyslav Vavilov, the author of the first book on fitness club management in Ukraine - "Fitness Management". In this book, the author reveals the secrets of selling personal training. The book is full of practical advice and recommendations. Each chapter has homework to help the reader achieve the desired goal. The author explains in detail why clients come to train at a fitness club, what needs to be done in order to keep them and continue their personal training. The book "How to sell 200 personal training sessions" is a practical guide for fitness trainers, administrators and customer service managers.

The author himself is a former personal trainer with 15 years of experience.

By applying the advice of Vladyslav Vavilov, you will be able to achieve the desired indicators and sell 200 training sessions.

Book: "How to sell 200 personal training sessions"

This book is intended for beginners and experienced fitness instructors who would like to improve their sales skills and their financial position by achieving the coveted number of 200 personal training sessions per month report.

5 reasons to buy the book "How to sell 200 personal training sessions?"

1. The book is written by a practicing fitness trainer in accessible language.
2. The book has 8 chapters and 8 homework assignments that will help you practice all the skills necessary for sales.
3. The book contains medical tests that will help convince the client to purchase a personal training package.
4. The material of the book is relevant both for gym instructors and for instructors of group and water programs.
5. This is a great guide for sales and fitness club admins.

The main topics raised in the book

● The difference between personal training and the simplest instructions.
● Do not teach the client to exercise. Friendship with the client is the danger of repeat sales.
● Group personal training - is it right?
● Sales of personal training.
● Who sells personal training.
● The sales manager and his role in selling personal training.
● The administrator and his role in selling personal training.
● I am an athlete and I want my clients to perform. And do they want it?
● Fitness or wellness testing? An advantage you are not using.
● Personal training in different departments or someone in a fitness club to live well.
● A medical consultant is a powerful training sales tool.

Quotes from the book

Personal trainingPersonal training is a class that the instructor conducts personally for you, taking into account your goals, physical form, individual characteristics and wishes. Your personal trainer is a guide to the world of health, excellent well-being and excellent form.
"Personal"The word "personal" means - concerning only this or one person.
Sale of personal training.Each trainer of a fitness club must sell himself and make maximum efforts to attract new clients to the club and directly to his training sessions.
How to improve sales of personal training?It is much easier to sell the product that the client really needs, so I recommend conducting medical tests before starting training, you can read more about the types of tests on the pages of the book.


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