Book: "Medical Administrator"

"Medical Administrator" is a really high-quality desktop manual, both for novice administrators and for those who already have experience in this field. Despite the title "Medical Administrator", the content of this book and the recommendations given in it are applicable both in medical institutions and in beauty salons, because in both the first and second cases the client comes for a solution to his problem, and in that in another in this case, the client primarily deals with the administrator.

"Medical Administrator"
is a table book of competent administrators, which helps to obtain quality service for patients who, thanks to the service and correct work of administrators, become regular customers.

Who is this book for?

I venture to note that after reading this book, any administrator will be able not only to establish relations with visitors, but also to better understand the causes and consequences of different behavior patterns of his customers, which will allow him to find the "key" even to the most demanding and demanding consumers of your goods and services . And this, of course, affects the reputation of the company and loyalty to it.

I recommend it for managers and administrators of beauty industry enterprises to read.

Develop yourself! …. And not because it annoys everyone, but in order to live the life you dream of!

Quotes from the book

"Medical administrator"
The administrator of a medical institution is a key link in client service at the clinic.

Patient = client.
In 2015, all patients became clients for whom it is necessary to fight.

High-quality customer service is the only tool with which you can win the fight for the customer.

Conflicts with doctors.
Remember, all doctors are specific people and it is better not to go into conflict with them.


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