The book "Beauty advertising. Practice"

The salon business is developing and every month the number of beauty salons is growing. But opening a beauty salon and attracting customers are two different issues. This book will help existing owners and directors of beauty salons master the basics of advertising.

The book reveals all the effective options for beauty salon advertising, what you should pay attention to when creating a layout for a flyer, business card, or beauty salon website. What pitfalls and blunders can damage the reputation of your beauty salon.

You'll learn how to run customer acquisition campaigns on a shoestring budget. Also, you will be able to get effective and proven tools for attracting new and retaining existing customers.

The book, dedicated to the advertising of beauty salons, is published for the first time on the territory of the CIS.

Book: "Advertising of beauty. Practice"

1. First of all, this book is for directors and owners of beauty salons, who make daily decisions about the promotion and advertising of a beauty salon or cosmetology clinic. This book is also relevant for potential salon business owners.
2. Secondly, the book will be very useful for administrators of beauty salons, who most often perform the functions of an advertising manager or a specialist. After all, it depends on their work whether a new customer will see your beauty salon.
3. Thirdly, the book will be useful to all representatives of the "beautiful business": cosmetology clinics, dental clinics, guest studios, express beauty salons. After all, the right advertising and attraction of new customers are the same for everyone, the main thing is to do them.


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Electronic version


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