"SMART COACH: create your OWN Online course!"

SMART COACH - coach,
capable of quality training and earning
in any conditions

Course program:

• 2 blocks
• 5 specialists
• 20 topics
• 23 hours
• course completion certificate
• online consultations
• 30% discount on the "Dietology-nutritionology" course

Two lesson formatsvideo and separate audio!
Listen and learn without being distracted from household chores!

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Block 1

- How to start selling yourself online. Analysis of fears, questions and answers.
- How to overcome the fear of going online?
- How to get the first customers?
- First money on your offline clients
- What should I shoot, What should I shoot, How not to be afraid of the camera
- How to survive in the period when everyone trains for free
- How to return from online for a trainer and client
- How to correctly form the price of an online product
- We create a good and high-quality product from ordinary training
- How to switch from conditionally free to paid. What should be given for free? Is it worth working for free?
- Give free to sell dear: Why give to customers first

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Block 2

– Types of training - with and without feedback
– Coach positioning and coach repositioning
– Additional earnings not of a coaching profile
- How to compete in the market? What are the benefits to use?
– Secret features online. How can a client from online return to offline
- How to be not just a coach, but a manager of your business?
- How to set up the first ad yourself
- Training sales by phone: theory
- How to accept payments online
– Legal issues + basics of business organization
- How to properly sell your product?
– How to deliver value to the client and handle objections?

Curators of the course


Marina Semik

Personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience

Fitness Director "Malibu Fit School"

The author of 5 online educational programs on fitness and dietetics

Licensed international FIA judge in motor sports with 11 years of experience

Organizer of author's fitness tours


Iryna Tretyak

Internet marketer

Certified partner of AMOcrm

9 years of practical experience in fitness

6 years in internet marketing


Alina Shechtman

Head of the international school of instructors and nutritionists "MalibuFITschool"

Director of the network of fitness clubs "MalibiFit" in the direction of online marketing

Head of fitness clubs with 5 years of experience


Khrystyna Singaevska

Co-founder and director of the international franchising campaign "Franchising Intellect Technologies"

Partner of the "MalibuFIT" network

Franchise specialist with 10 years of experience

Head of the sales department with 4 years of experience

Intelligence trainer - trained more than 2 thousand people

Economist, writer, actress, mother


Dmytro Chornyi

Founder of the international franchise network

of fitness clubs #2 in Ukraine - "MalibuFIT"

(40 branches, 50,000 customers, 500 employees)

17 years of experience in the fitness industry

Author of the book "Business in the style of "FITNESS""

The book "SMART COACH. Instructions for going online for Experts and Trainers", electronic - 299 UAH .
The book "SMART COACH. Instructions for going online for Experts and Trainers", electronic + audio version + 3 consultations from the authors - 499 UAH.
The book "SMART COACH. Instructions for going online for Experts and Trainers", electronic + audio version + video course + 5 coaching sessions on creating your own online course (in 2 languages of your choice Ukrainian/Russian) - 299 USD


Electronic version


Electronic + audio version
+3 consultations


Electronic version


Electronic + audio version+3 consultations


Electronic + audio version + video course + 5 coaching sessions