Exercise for children from "A" to "Z"Natalia Shevchenko's author's course!


For those who want to become an expert in physical therapy for children

This course will give you the opportunity to quickly master the sought-after and highly paid profession of a children's physiotherapist and physical therapy expert. It is adapted for self-study, which will allow you to learn to help your children in a short time and become a high-class physical therapy specialist, work with children of clients and receive a decent reward for your work.

The course consists of 10 main modules, which include 20 video lessons lasting from 10 to 40 minutes. Each lesson looks at specific aspects of working with a child, and also includes a bonus lesson overview of the necessary equipment used to provide useful, effective and interesting exercises that children will enjoy. As part of the course, you will learn exercises that are safe and do not require full control of biomechanics.

The course also offers many animated slides that will help you learn and remember the material effectively.
After completing the course, you will receive an international certificate recognized by employers in all countries. Course materials are provided on an ongoing basis.

To start classes, you will need a fitness mat, balls, elastic bands, a gymnastic stick, and preferably a foam roller. Also, you will need a child to work with.

Join our course and become a professional in the field of children's physiotherapist and physical therapy expert.

Course program:

● Theoretical part.
● Work with the feet (4 lessons).
● Work with the chest (4 lessons).
● Work with the lumbar region (4 lessons).
● Exercises for muscle flexibility and elasticity.
● Foot and lower leg massage.
● A set of exercises for the development of balance.
● Practical part, bonus videos and training checklist.

How is the training

The course is recorded.

Training takes place on a platform where, thanks to built-in algorithms, simple tests after each module, you learn and remember the material very quickly and easily!

Training STARTS IMMEDIATELY after payment! You're not waiting for a group set or anything!

You can study:
at a TIME CONVENIENT to you - even during the day, even at night;
on YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - whether 3-4 lessons per day or 1 per month!

There are NO "deadlines" and time LIMITS!

ANY training package has FEEDBACK!

Homework is checked by the course METHODIST on the platform and he writes you comments and remarks on the platform, if any.

There are also exams and assessments, but they are NOT difficult, if you have the material, and they are also passed on the platform, they are checked and marked by the course methodologist​​

The effectiveness of such training is even HIGHER than offline
+ ♾️ LIFETIME access to materials allows you to review if you forget something.

Certificates and credentials

Upon completion, you will receive international CERTIFICATES for EACH COURSE in Ukrainian and English (or the language of the country where you plan to work) and a TRAINER'S CERTIFICATE with a photo (for the coaching course)!
Our graduates work in almost all EU countries and the USA, Canada, the UAE and more!✊🔆��🇦
We send all documents to any country in the WORLD (except the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus) and to Ukraine.
We send you PHYSICAL diplomas by MAIL or courier service.
And ELECTRONIC versions to EMAIL (so you can add them to your resume and social networks, or print them yourself at any time.


1. Access to the Internet
2. The page of the student's personal account is adapted to any device. To start classes, you will need a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC.
3. Space 2 by 2 meters
4. Minimum space in the room where you can place a tablet or laptop. For ease of perception, it is recommended to be 1.5 - 2 meters from you.


    1. CLICK THE "BUY" BUTTON - you will be redirected to the payment page. On the contact form, you will be offered fields to enter your name and email. After filling out the form, you will be redirected to the payment currency selection page.
    2. SELECT PAYMENT CURRENCY - you can choose the payment currency and pay for the material directly on the website with just a few clicks. The payment mechanism is as simple as possible. We use international payment services WayForPay, Fondy and LiqPaq, which cooperate only with reliable service providers and guarantee the security of payments via the Internet.
    3. CONFIRM EMAIL - after payment, you will need to confirm your email in a pop-up window. You will receive an e-mail with a link to the personal account page with the course materials.
    4. STUDY THE RECEIVED MATERIAL - you will have permanent access to the course. Study and study the material at a time convenient for you. During the course, we answer all your questions. I can suggest that you take the course online first. Training takes place on a platform with built-in algorithms and simple tests that help you learn the material quickly and easily.
    5. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CERTIFICATE FitSHOOL.PRO - after completing the study of the course material, you will take an online test on the page of your personal account. We will prepare a certificate for you in any language of the world. The certificate will contain a QR code and a personal page in the site registry. To receive the original certificate, please contact us to specify the delivery address. We will deliver it to any country in the world.







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